Oh my, life has been hectic this summer! I bet yours has too.

I've wanted to get away from doing the final editing on my next book to show off its cover and thought of a FUN way to do it. I have a Jacob's ladder toy in my book and figured that would be cool way to do a reveal! All I had to do was get crafty and keep my kids from breaking it before I had the chance to show it off!

So, without further ado......
Do you love the cover as much as I? If you don't, don't tell me. :)

The cover will be up on the internet soon so you can see it without it being cut into strips (poor Annie got decapitated). But it's still beautiful, at least I think so!


On Nook & Kindle (as of when I sent this).
And I'm still on the treadmill!!!! And let me tell you, getting to read for an hour is really the only reason I've been on it as much as I have. I do feel better physically, but yeah, books sure help!

♪ ♫ ♬ A bookful of reading makes the exercise go down, the exercise go down, the exercise go down.... ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


I really enjoyed The Lost Girl of Astor Street. It's marketed as a young adult book, but it doesn't feel at all like Young Adult literature despite the protagonist being in her last year of secondary school. A good engrossing read. There isn't much of a faith message in this one since the publisher's intent is to crossover into the teen secular market with clean reads, but it is indeed clean.

If you ever loved Nancy Drew as much as I did way back when, this one has that feel, but thrown back to the 1920s and has WAY better writing.

Honestly, I think this story captured me more than anything else I read lately. Biographies may not be your thing, but this one was fascinating and inspiring. I encouraged a guy friend of mine who is a big nonfiction reader to buddy read it with me after I started, and as he said: "Man, that guy was the real deal!"

If you need to be challenged to live what you believe, Desmond Doss will gladly step up to the plate and make you examine yourself and your convictions. This man is the definition of a hero and humble to boot. He knew God kept him alive to save lives, and from all accounts, that's verifiable truth. I'm sorry I didn't know of him before his death, for I'd have kept a lookout for him being nearby at his occasional speaking gigs  so I could have traveled to shake his hand.

Redemption of Hacksaw Ridge will likely make you examine yourself and want to be better, it did me.

Among the Poppies was a great book. You know that when it's the one you're recommending most in book groups lately when people ask about everyone's most recent good read.

If you like my books, I think you'd likely like this one because there's a nice emotional romance but the story world isn't all fluff. It's not a light romance in the fact that they are completely a part of WWI and the terrible things that happen in war are included. This heroine was a gutsy woman without falling into the trap of being obnoxious about her independence as some characters can, the hero was swoony, and the plot never lagged.

This was my first book by Tessa Afshar. I admit that Biblical fiction isn't much of a draw for me so I've yet to read one of her previous ones, but Thief of Corinth is different from her usual in that the main character isn't a Bible character. There are a handful of secondary characters instead who are Biblical characters, which appeals to me more.

If you've ever read Francine Rivers's Mark of the Lion trilogy (and you totally should!!!!!!!!!) and have ever wanted to read something else like it, this book has the same feel without all the gladiator games and the romance is just a thread instead of a big part of the story. It shows off ancient Corinth/Athens, underhanded Romans, and the early church. Tessa is a skilled writer.

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