Has the last half of your year been as busy as mine? I hope not. I'd love to sleep a little more and have a breather--hope you're more well-rested than I.

I've been helping a ton with my husband's new business lately, but I've still found time to write.....but not read much......

So I'm afraid I have failed to stay on the treadmill long enough to have any books to recommend this newsletter....


Though I do have one book I've read a lot this year which I haven't been able to recommend until now!

Are you ready for my next series?

Marrying a stranger to save a ranch is one thing; losing the land on their wedding day is another.


What early reviewers are saying:

" Janette Oke set the standard for marriage of convenience romantic fiction but Melissa Jagears has upped the bar to a new level."

" I fell in love with many of the supporting characters, and the town of Armelle itself. I could start at the beginning and reread this book now! "

" For those who desire to read Christian Romance, this ranks in the best of the best. "

I'm giving away 5 books to random subscribers (choice of ebook or paperback!) If you're in the list below, contact me for a book!

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I had a FABULOUS time talking to readers at the Brown Mansion last month -- Or as you might know it, the Lowe Mansion.  That green wallpaper is the hand-painted Italian wallpaper I believe I mentioned in A Heart Most Certain. I took a few videos right before the event, and I'm hoping I can figure out how to voice over the crazy things I was saying as I was having such a fun time revisiting where things "happened" in the book as I ran around downstairs because I didn't have much time.

Pray for me that I get a bit less crazy busy and I'll get on that, it was way too fun and felt way too real. As if I hadn't made up those characters in my head at all!

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